CCAI  Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory

Enhancing cross-cultural interactions

Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory
by Colleen Kelley, Ph.D. and Judith Meyers, Psy.D.

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The CCAI Self-Assessment, a self-scoring assessment instrument, can help individuals or groups identify their current strengths and weaknesses within four critical skill areas important for effective cross-cultural communication and interaction. Based on the existing research, the CCAI instrument helps provide insight into the ability to adapt to new situations, interact with people different from oneself, tolerate ambiguity, and maintain a sense of self in new or different surroundings.

The CCAI instrument can be used to help:

  • Facilitate multi-cultural discussions in a training setting
  • Assist individual self-selection for assignment abroad
  • Develop readiness for travel or study abroad
  • Counsel individuals considering life changes involving other cultures
  • Improve the effectiveness of intercultural teams and work groups
  • Build and sustain a corporate culture that values and embraces cultural diversity

A Total Program: From Self-Awareness to Skill-Building

Additional CCAI tools help the individual to go beyond awareness and help develop the communication and behavioral skills believed to be most critical to successful cross-cultural interaction. By integrating individual self-assessment (CCAI Self-Assessment), observer feedback (CCAI Multi-Rater Kit), skill building exercises (CCAI Facilitator's Guide and Cultural Passport to Anywhere), and action planning (CCAI Action Planning Guide), the CCAI products help provide the foundation for immediate action and ongoing development.

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Based on a total of 653 male and female subjects from diverse cultural and occupational backgrounds.

Use With
Multi-national corporations, expatriates, study-abroad, pre-departure training, immigrants, diversity programs, university classes on cross-cultural issues

15-30 minutes administration; 20 minutes scoring and profiling; 30 minutes interpretation

Paper and pencil or


Self-scored or
Computer scored


A self-scored profile depicts scores for each of the four cross-cultural dimensions;
A computer-scored profile is accessed via a computer generated feedback report

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Colleen Kelley, Ph.D.
Judith Meyers, Psy.D.

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