CCAI’s insights into successfully adapting to new situations, people and customs can be used for:

• Promoting multi-cultural discussions in a training setting

• Assisting individual self-selection for international business assignments

• Developing readiness for travel or study abroad

• Counseling individuals considering life changes involving other cultures

• Improving the effectiveness of intercultural virtual teams and work groups

• Selecting and training global leaders

• Building and sustaining a corporate culture that values and embraces cultural diversity

CCAI is cost effective, efficient and provides immediate feedback.

CCAI facilitates the identification of an individual or group’s strengths and weaknesses in four skill areas that are fundamental to effective cross-cultural communication and interaction:

• Emotional Resilience
• Flexibility/Openness
• Perceptual Acuity
• Personal Autonomy

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Based on a total of 653 male and female subjects from diverse cultural and occupational backgrounds

Use With
Multi-national corporations, expatriates, study-abroad, pre-departure training, immigrants, diversity programs, university classes on cross-cultural issues


Available Online  Available on Paper


Hand-Scorable  Online Scoring Available


Available in paper format and hand-scorableA self-scored profile depicts scores for each of the four cross-cultural dimensions
CCAI can be administered and scored online A computer-scored profile automatically scores and delivers a basic report

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Colleen Kelley, Ph.D.
Judith Meyers, Psy.D.

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